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A nurturing, language-rich environment

By creating a nurturing, warm and language-rich environment, our goal is to unlock the potential that lies in every deaf and hard of hearing child. This translates into children who are happy, expressive and comfortable interacting with deaf and hearing people.


Children are grouped by age and ability into classes that promote spoken language through hands- on experiences and a rich curriculum. With a student/teacher ratio of three to one, deaf students receive the individualized attention that is critical to take their place in the hearing world as effective oral communicators. In addition to an expert faculty, students and parents have access to state-of-the art technology and equipment, and a network of community resources.


Through early childhood intervention we strive to make sound meaningful, promote listening skills and teach children to speak using a developmentally based curriculum. This will enable us to achieve our ultimate goal - preparing the preschool student to be mainstreamed into public school with their hearing peers by first or second grade.



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